— STYYLI © MMXV. All rights reserved —
— STYYLI © MMXV. All rights reserved —

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STYYLI is the place for the urban, fashionable and tech-savvy society.
Experience the one-stop-fashion digital platform, available soon online and mobile.
Style, Share, Shop.

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STYYLI is a platform dedicated to the urban society to fulfil all of their fashion needs. Comes in form of website and mobile application, the platform will be available soon in both Apple iOS and Android. It consists of three main features: News, Social and Shop. This online one-stop-fashion platform also aims to facilitate and influence the more competitive international marketplace in a broader scope.

The name derived from Finnish language; Tyyli, which means style or fashion in English. With the tagline "Style, Share, Shop" that represents three main features of the platform, STYYLI builds its branding imagery as clean, simple and classic. The purpose of its branding is to remain consistent as a timeless piece of art that will never goes out of date, challenging the current trends in modern society.

The idea of STYYLI started in late 2013, while the development started in early 2014. As of today, it has more than 1,500 e-mail subscribers and 11,000 Instagram followers. The awareness was developed from both online and offline marketing campaign. We value the importance of awareness in this modern era, by providing a staple benchmark for our future users before the online platform launches.

In conclusion, STYYLI will deliver convenience from its News and Shop functions. While building its own community by operating the Social function. Forming an ideal combination that converges interconnection between three main functions. STYYLI runs in mission: To be the leading digital platform worldwide that takes online user experience for fashion-savvy community to the next level.

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